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Relational Aesthetics

Relational Aesthetics (2015)

Every time one touches the glass, each person's preference for a particular color, visual taste or spontaneous sense is added. Even the artist cannot predict what kind of final visual result will be produced. Just as a person blends into the world while forming various relationships, the white background of the canvas is also colorfully colored as encounters with people are added.
And in the empty space after everyone leaves, only their traces and afterimages are left.

The artist again proceeds with the work of applying black paint on the marks one by one. In the act of painting over, the artist has no choice but to see the time shared with the people who passed by the space, but the more touches are added, the more the previous traces are erased.
And finally, the space is covered in black and transformed into a space where nothing of the past can be seen, creating a new field for moving on to the next work.

The black room is again filled with various activities, and the character of the space continues to change depending on the occupants.

An open space where many people participate and create works together becomes an individual area where the artist's reminiscent work takes place, a stage where artistic activities in various fields unfold, and then a daily space where leisure and friendship are enjoyed. At the same time, the black room operates as another workshop where the footprints of those who visit to see the work are accumulated on the clay.

The subject composing the work is herself, her acquaintances and other participants, artists in other fields, and furthermore, including the audience who accepts the act of art. In this way, the artist experiments with various relationships that transforms space, and through this, the time and experience of more and more people are converged into the work.