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Seulgi Lee Kang is a performance, video, installation artist born in South Korea, working in London. Kang’s work deals with breaking down the simplicity and complexity of the ‘every day’, which, as so fundamental and common or uncommon, can be overlooked. Through the variation of ‘every day’, she questions our environment, the rudimentary balance of structure and subconscious rules, that for her, seem to have already been granted, by default. Expressing circumstances surrounding a moment, where she is, she uses ‘mundane’ objects and materials to create nuanced performance films that are informed by poetry, history and human emotions.

List of main works

2022 The Court of Love, Peace, Gratitude, Patience and Justice,
         The old Court Changwon District Jinju Branch, Korea
          The day before I left Republic of Korea, Seoul, Korea
          Un-mindfulness Seoul Action, Seoul, Korea

2021 Lahore, Lahore Kebab House, Whitechapel, London, UK

2020 The day of doom, Sly St, London, UK
         The structure of a history, Ashfield St, London, UK
         The very special day, Ashfield St, London, UK

2019 Negotiation, Harlesden high street gallery, London, UK
         HOME_No.4 Forest and swamps, Harjumaa, Estonia
         One chair, Harjumaa, Estonia
          Them, Gallery 46, London, UK
         Hers, Andrews Rd, London, UK
         Nomadic buoy #1, Warburton St, London, UK
          Nomadic buoy #2, Ashfield St, London, UK

2018 Your still life, Rund gallery, Seoul, Korea
         HOME_Unshakable comfort, Winsstraße, Berlin, Germany

2017 East End garden, Cavell St, London, UK
         You are, Chilsan-ro, Yeonggwang, Korea

2016 East Garden (No Exit), Bucheon, Korea
         퍼킹어노잉 Kensington Church St, London, UK
          No One, Someone, Any signal, Egoist, Kensington Church St, London, UK              
          안녕하세요 Bupyeong, Incheon, Korea

2015 Relational Aesthetics, Chelsea college of arts, London, UK
          사뿐히 즈려밟고 오시옵소서 (Azalea), Chelsea college of arts, London, UK

2014 Welcom project, London, UK