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LIFE (2019)

I know that I cannot go back to any point in the past and achieve again what I missed then. Maybe because time and I only walk forward. I know that even if I keep walking forward, I won't get everything I want.

I sit in a chair every day and lean on it, but I couldn't sit on one chair here or another chair there. I just kept getting out of the way in an empty field with no direction.
This is a past goal that could not be achieved, and it is also an indicator of a specific goal that I want to achieve.
If I walk backwards hundreds and thousands of times, I might get there and get what I want. But sometimes I can get out of the way that is the life I know.

However, I was able to sit there.
On that day when the morning fog thickly covered the fields, the small apples someone had placed for me were lined up on the way to the chair to give me direction.
And, I could sit there.
This is the meaning of life that I knew but missed.