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The very special day

The very special day (2020)

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, I filmed my daily routine, looking at this new situation we found ourselves in and the accentuation of the regular mundanity of life, and posted a daily Vlog on my YouTube channel every day.
The work started from introspection on daily life, routine and reaction.

From the perspective of an observer; the daily life of eating, sleeping and working - seen in the living space of the artist, who has been be restricted like everyone else and is conforming to rules that an artist would not necessarily show or highlight. The objects for space are filled little by little every day, crossing between necessity and unnecessary, transformed to suit own taste and functions.

It is/was not easy to adapt to a new environment and situation each time you are thrown into it. However, no matter what, everyday life goes on.
Unspoken at the time - for me a blessing in disguise, I was hungry, had to sleep and wanted to listen to music and enjoy the warm sunlight and rest.

A 'very special day', in which new rules are created by oneself through an order and subjective disorder, is a special, but never special day.