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You are.

You are (2018)

You are, a work I made in my hometown Yeonggwang, South Korea, that is by the sea. This is an installation work where a single pine tree was installed on the tidal flat and the video was filmed until the tide came in. Shooting from the perspective of an observer looking at home (a tree) that cannot be reached from a distance. This is a subjective, personal work that reflects an emotional distance, yearning and understanding that the artists feels but connects the uncertainty we face individually and collectively.

My uncles, who are farmers and fishermen in my hometown, joined me to help as technicians. They made a ladder, that was not in my plan - the ladder they made for me was like a hope that connects them with art and leads to a place where there is a single tree if there is a muddy world where it is difficult to take one step at a time.